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A social media agency called LIKED

  • If you are looking for a digital agency just to increase the number of likes on a page, we respectfully suggest you look else where.

    Social Media is Our Business

    LIKED is a social media agency in Kochi pushing the limits of possibilities of people engagement in making a brand known. In other words we conduct unique social experiments and events offline and use it creatively in promoting your brand on social media. We strategize, conceptualize and execute social experiments so that the desired objective is met.

    If you believe that we can make a positive contribution to your business, let’s sit down to talk.


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Up Close & Personal with Social Media

Use Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Four Square, Google + to influence social opinions.

Reach Out, Interact & Measure Engagement

Get over with likes & think beyond engagement. Be with the people and make a difference.

Build & Manage Your Reputation & Image

Positioning, repositioning & managing public perception of high net worth individuals & brands

Have a bad reputation in the market?

Perception Alignment Services

It is said that your one small mistake is remembered by the most and it even eclipses your other honest initiatives. Brands & persons, very often, jump into various troubles. Some are mild, while some turn into PR nightmares. Our carefully conceptualized social interventions can help you recover your image, influence people perception and perk up your social value while improving your odds in your way back to success.

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Benny E.A

General Manager / Strokes Exhibits LLC

“When we approached LIKED for a particular Facebook assignment, they have surprised us by providing a solution that is novel and unique. Not only our engagement ratio went up drastically during the promotion, we saw our Facebook fans walking in to our outlets. LIKED is unconventional in their approach, but so far, we have gained only benefits.”

One must go to Don Corleone

You need the right kind of professionals to do the right kind of jobs

Social media is serious business. If given to sophomores or polished amateurs, it can backfire and become a Midsummer Night’s Nightmare.  LIKED has the required expertise to handle real life social media situations, from fan engagement to opinion probing to fan rewarding to crisis management. We use tools like seeding, viral videos and blogs to leverage your social goals. So if you are serious about your Social Media strategy, it’s better you talk to us.


Because for the things only the Godfather can do, you have to go to the Godfather.

Our Team & Our Competencies

Now, a bit of old hard rock gossip. Very often Janis Joplin’s slow progress to success is blamed on the incompetency of her Big Brother and the Holding Company fellow members. Legend has it that her teammates could not creatively match her talent and thus Janis slowly slipped into drugs and loneliness that follows addiction. Her decline continued after some initial solo success, till one day she found dead at Landmark Motor Hotel in West Hollywood. She was 32 years old. True or false, this story points to the importance of having a great team to work with. A team whose members not only match your skill sets, but are excellent professionals with enough knowledge and experience in their expertise. At LIKED, we have industry renowned professionals with years of hardcore advertising, media and social media experience.
  • Social Media Strategy

    What, when& how to post, act & publicize for what purpose

  • Facebook Page Management

    Creatives, Content, Administration, Ads, Apps, Reports & Management

  • Social Media Crisis

    Defining Protocols, Assurance, Damage Management & Administration

  • YouTube Channel

    Viral Videos, Social Content Generation & Ads

  • Twitter & Pinterest

    Corporate Boards & Tweets Broadcasts

  • Image Building & Perception Management: Individuals & Brands

    Image Consultation & Management, Perception Analysis, Modification & Alignment, Positioning & Repositioning

Hi! from a team of good husbands, fathers , uncles and amazing professionals.

At LIKED, we have industry renowned professionals with years of hardcore advertising, media and social media experience.

Mohamed Faizal

Liaison & Execution

Sanjiv Menon

People & Relationship

Denis Eugene Arackal

Strategy & Perception


Meet all the team members