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  • We sit idle, listen to Kishore Kumar and read Gizmodo. Ergo, we do a hell of a lot of things.

    We do everything that is social. Maybe we do a bit more than just social. We run around, we talk to people, we shoot videos and take photographs. We manage individual and corporate Facebook pages. We tweet & shout. We advertise. We make you perceived like how you want to be perceived. Then, we do more…

If we put all that we do into separate compartments, this is how it would look like:

1. Social Media Management:

We can manage your social media professionally and effectively. From comprehensive social media strategy to daily page administration, we provide solutions that are relevant and result oriented. We do Facebook pages, Facebook Ads, twitter pages, YouTube, Pinterest, Four Square & Google +


2. Crisis Management:

From pain in the @#$# fans to PR nightmares, we can help you with the right protocols and practices.


3. Viral Videos:

You see what you want to see. We help brands and individuals to sneak in their messages in videos tactically while they are enjoying their favorite videos.


4. Image & Perception Alignment of brands & high net worth individuals:

Elvis is ELVIS because Elvis is perceived that way. We conduct unique real time social experiments to analyze the perception gap that exists between “what people think about your brand” and what “you want people to think about your brand”- and we act socially to fill that gap.


5. Social Media Experiments:

People believe what is real. We initiate activities to engage real people with brands and measure the outcome.


Interested to see what we can do for you or your brand?

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  • Ajay Gopinath October 24, 2013   Reply

    Liked your Website and the things which you are doing.. keep it up….!!!!!

  • mariya November 15, 2013   Reply

    You have a great content team and sure a crack and ready to face anything attitudes..Great going.. but would be happy if you had integrated the social media pages of yours as you yourself is one.. sure would love to see your work…

    • LIKED Social Media Experiments February 19, 2014   Reply

      Thanks for the encouragement. Peace.

  • Antony Francis December 3, 2013   Reply

    Good one. The future is here.

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